Welcome to my Site!

I started home schooling my little boy, Kin 3 years ago (he was 4++ yo then). There were many homeschooling blogs which I found on the net. Anyhow, most of the blogs were based in foreign countries whereby some of the activities are done under the sun or in the winter. Thus, I feel there is a need to create a more localised homeschool blog which is tailored to our Asian climate, environment and culture.

Finally, I decided to document my home schooling experience where other parents can freely try it and apply it in your home schooling syllabus.

When I was writing my welcome page, spotted Kin “fighting” with the strong wind and thunder at the car porch. Instead of calling him in, I dropped my mouse and joined him. Together we absorbed the power of winds and clouds. Suddenly it rained, yet I didn’t urge him to go into the house. Instead, I encouraged him to run into the rains. To my surprise, he said he is scared. But after a few trials, he got braver and stayed longer in the rain. He even performed martial art in the heavy rain. Finally, he encouraged me to run into the rain with him. What a rare experience we had! Perhaps we should do it again during our topic on “Nature Disaster”.


Besides performing kungfu in the rain, we also do all other crazy sorts of activities together – making solar system, organising birthday party for lovey, setting up home library, drawing comics, catching flies in KFC…

If the above sounds too weird or insane to you, let me assure you that I don’t act crazy ALL the times (finger-crossed). I do “normal” activities with my boy(s) at times…
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