Homeschooling Tips & Tricks

Some Tips & Tricks I discovered along the way when I home schooled my son. Do share yours at the comment section so we can learn from each other.

  1. Choose a time when you are both relaxed, but not too tired and there are no distractions. There was once my friend called n interrupted our home schooling session. Regretted for picking up her call as Kin was drawing n sharing his fantasy doodles with me before I picked the call. Once interrupted, he was angry and stopped doodling
  2. Only read for as long as your child wants to – you can always try again another time / day. If your child request to do something not planned for the day, try to grant his wish if it is still something educational. For instance, read a new story non-related to the main topic, colour a page of the book his daddy bought him last night…
  3. Learned from an article regarding the “8 Tips For Studying Smarter”. Besides using flash cards n visual form (eg. mind mapping), I found that point 7 is something new which strike my mind – “Teacher should space out and mix-up lessons too”. The traditional method is to cover one topic a day; followed by another new topic. But the better way of learning is to recycle and reconsider the previous materials studied few weeks earlier. Recycle is different from Repeat where the information is presented in another form such as “Quiz” or “Notes” or “Visual Diagram”. This is opposed to my homeschooling syllabus. Perhaps some adjustments need to be done.
    No wonder sometime sdiao could remember lessons learned sometime ago.

There are also some books which inspired me on educations specifically “Children, We love you!” and “Mama’s School“.