Animals – Bears: Preparation

The second topic that Kin chose was “Bears” simply because his lovey is Pooh Bear. You can ask your child for their favourite animal and most of the sessions below are still applied.

Story Telling

Kin asked me to do video recording while he presented the topic of “The Life of a Bear”.

This video presentation can improve our child’s language, and also to let our child practise their presentation skill by facing the video camera.

Part 1 – How does a bear was born?


I burst into laughter when Kin said pooh bear came out from an egg. Didn’t urge to correct him as he would learn when we cover the chapter of “Bear’s Baby”.
Anyhow, I was impressed that Kin could speak broken English.

Part 2 – How does the bear grow?


Part 3 – How does the bear play?


The following books were chosen for this topic.

1. Facts about Bears


Simple facts about bears with activities and story. [RM6] {BBW}


Facts about bears. It is not as scary as you see on the front page. [RM6] {BBW}

2. Story books of Bears

A fun story about polar bear, it comes with the new vocabularies. [RM8] {BBW}

3. Art & Craft books of Bears
4. Activities books of Bears