My Happy Homeschooling Syllabus

After long thought, I have decided to present my home schooling syllabus in a calendar style – similar to reading a “365 days stories” where you can follow my day-to-day activities. So, I believe even the newbie parents or guardians would be able to follow through. Let’s start with the first Monday of the year – 4 Jan 2016.

Ya, I know some people don’t like this teaching style, just like I never finish the “365 bedtime stories” which I bought for my elder boy 6 years ago. I just stopped somewhere when there was other distraction. So, you may browse through my main topics page to decide which topic you would like to start with. By choosing this method, you can involve your child to do the selection together. But mind you, if you choose this style, you might miss the secondary topics or activities. The so-called secondary topics are some out-of-the-blue but fun activities which are not related to any main topic but yet it let the child to have a “break” in between the main topics which can be quite hectic to them especially the young toddler.

The last style is especially practical to the working parents who do not have much time to conduct daily home schooling syllabus but yet would like to do some activities over the weekends. Go directly to my activities page to pick any activity you like.

As for my daily timetable, I allocate not more than 2 hours a day for the main topic. You can spend longer time if you are doing the secondary activities with your kids such as “Art & Craft” or “Experiment”.

Within the 2 hours, I break it into 3 sessions with a short break in between:-
Session 1 – Books Exploring
Session 2 – Activities
Session 3 – Video Learning

There are 2 main principles for the above setup:-
1. You must not combine 2 sessions which require input into your child’s mind. Thus, I separate the books exploring and video learning as both require concentration of the brain
2. The 3 sessions should be related to the topic of the day