Dinosaurs: Preparation



Kin had been promoted to homeschool prefect (a senior student authorized to enforce discipline) and he is now taking care of standard 1 & 2 students. Suddenly he requested to teach “sheep sheep” in Standard 1 to make calming bottle. I let him do it without any supervision. Surprisingly he didn’t spill the glitter as I predicted.


Asked Kin to check out the surprise gift from the kitchen cabinet and he found the dinosaur crane. This is inline with the new topic of homeschooling – Dinosaurs.

Kin started to play with the dinosaur crane by using it to grip his Lego figurines. Thus I didn’t go through any dinosaur book with him today.

I then offered Kin and his brother to grip my sponsored candies by using the dinosaur crane. Kin threw tantrum when he was not able to grip his favourite Sugus candy.


The following books were chosen for this topic.
1. Facts about Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Dictionary


Dinosaur notebook with facts of few dinosaurs. [RM 3] {BBW}


Facts about a particular dinosaur – Iguanodon [RM5] {BBW}

2. Story books of Dinosaurs


A fun flip story book about the baby dino named “Buddy”. [RM8] {BBW}


One of the books series about the adventure of a young boy and his bucket of dinosaurs. [RM6] {BBW}

3. Art & Craft books of Dinosaurs


Doodling and drawing book about various dinosaurs. [RM10] {BBW}


A paper making craft with 12 dinosaurs + 3D scene. [RM16.80] {School Bookfair}

4. Activities books of Dinosaurs

Activity book with some fun facts on different types of dinosaurs. [BBW]


Colouring book in conjunction with the latest movie – The Good Dinosaur