Art & Craft: Solar System Model (Day 2)

Recommend to split this craft works into 2 days:-

  • First day: To make the individual planet
  • Second day: To assemble all the completed planets into a solar system base

Day 2: To Assemble All The Completed Planets Into A Solar System Base

Apparently there are many solar system models found on Youtube. We watched all the videos pre-selected by me (I chose only those which are feasible for his age) and decided to follow the model of this one. Anyhow, it turned out to be different – the model itself is not rotatable, but Kin’s kind auntie bought him a rotating  motor which make the entire model turning at a slow-speed.

First, Kin made a sun in white colour. I helped Kin to make 3 moons (yellow & black stripes) surrounding Mars. Kin added a black asteroid near the beauty planet (yellow planet).


Video of Kin describing each planet he made on the rotating motor.


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