First Camping @ Karak Reserved Forest (Day 2)

Day 2


7++ am

Woke up but dragged till 8++ am.
When I was cleaning up our mat fr the falling flowers and leaves, MonkeySons woke up by the noise fr other campers.
MonkeySons fought in the tent once they woke up. Asked RhinoDad to bring Didi for a morning walk. They then went to the stream to catch fish.

Gorgor was super cranky in the tent, he didn’t want to get up n insisted me to accompany him in the tent for at least 45 mins. I sang song while pacifying him. I guess we must have built up strong bonding after this precious moment as Gorgor acts closer to me after the camping trip. He obeyed when I tell him to do works n stop hitting his brother when I ask him to.
Finally Gorgor got up n asked to go to the stream to look for Didi n RhinoDad. Let him go in his pyjamas as I had packed up their swim wear. Never thought that the stream could be so clear today.
Made myself hot cup n coffee for breakfast. Brought the hot cup n coffee to enjoy by the stream. Next time I must soak into the cooling stream.

Abit shocked to see Didi splashing stream water onto his own body n face. RhinoDad taught him to do so when there is bee flying near to him.

Gorgor started to act cranky by splashing water at Didi n RhinoDad harshly. Convinced him to go back to tent with me.
MonkeySons n RhinoDad caught 2 small fishes n 1 medium fish.
Gorgor insisted to finish up the entire hot cup on his own despite that I told him to share with Didi yday. MonkeySons also finished up the campbell soup I made earlier.
Started to pack up to leave the camp site. Spent about an hour to finish packing up.

Again, both MonkeySons were distracted to catch butterflies instead of helping up.

12.15 pm

Left the camp site.

Surprised that Gorgor followed me along when I said tq n goodbye to Mr. Tan.
Dropped by “Shilimen” and spotted some hut-liked resorts. There was also an open-air camp site.
Drove to Petronas Karak to pee n to throw away our rubbish fr the camp site. Finally could pee in the public toilet after a day peeing in the jungle. Phew!

Super tired and fell asleep in the car otw to my godsister’s house.

2.15 pm

Happy sharing our first camping experience with my godsisters’ families. Their families were not keen to join us though.

7 pm

Reached home. Unpacked n did some laundry.

9 pm
Enjoyed the shower very much after skipping shower for a day.
Slept with MonkeySons by 10++ pm as I was super duper tired.

Missed our first day of camping, catch up the fun here!