Dinosaurs: Do you know dinos – Breed?

Chapter 6: Iguanodon lays some eggs

Session 1. Book Exploring – Iguanodon

Facts about a particular dinosaur – Iguanodon [RM5] {BBW}

Session 2. Dinosaurs’ Egg Hatching

Bought 2 cute little dino eggs and let the 2 boys soaked into water for overnight.

The eggs hatched into 2 little dinosaurs – a yellow diplodocus & a blue stegosaurus. Both boys helped their little dinosaurs to take shower.

Session 3. Video Learning

Kin requested to watch the video clip of T-Rex laying eggs. In fact we found a video clip where a science centre (Universals Islands of Adventure in Orlando) showed a replica egg hatching with the moving baby dinosaur inside. Kin never thought that it is fake as the baby dinosaur looked so real.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftSjNWCkAPs&w=420&h=315]