Paper Mache Dinosaur Land

28/09 & 29/09

When I was about to start homeschooling, sdiao asked me what subject I want to teach the loveys in standard 4. I suggested sdiao to teach them instead. Sdiao wanted to teach them topic of dinosaurs but couldn’t find the books. Went up to look for it. Once sdiao got the books, he went through it quickly as he couldn’t remember most of the lessons. He enjoyed using the 3D dinosaurs to kick the mini futsal.

Suggested him to make the 3D landscape for his dinosaurs by using paper mache technique. Sdiao seemed to hook to it n told me to start immediately. Yday I tried to convince him to make a mini organiser using paper mache n he didn’t even bother about it. 

Paper mache is a beautiful art which train up our patience and hands motor skills. It can mould into almost anything. Wondered why Genioart never teach it. 

We only made 2 layers of newspaper n leave it dry. Continued the next day. 

Sdiao did a very good job on putting up the white paper layer onto the landscape. But then he got bored n started to paste bigger piece of paper on it. Helped him to paste the river and the green land. 

I was very happy with my 2 rocks whereby the river flow in between the rocks.