Solar System: Know the 8 Planets

Chapter 2 – Know the 8 Planets

Session 1. Book Exploring – Solar System (AR)
  • Learn the 8 planets name in English n Mandarin
  • Learn the origin of the 8 planets name (Roman God)
    * Kin chose Jupiter – The king of God



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Kin could remember each planet effectively. Last year when I taught him the same topic and he hardly remembered any. He was too young then (5++) or the AR app did wonders?


Looks cocky having to hold the planet in one hand


Session 2: Art & Craft – Draw the 8 Planets 

Kin drew the 8 planets orbiting the sun but realised that it was tiring to colour the big sun. Thus, he drew super small planets. He coloured one of the planet pink n said it is for me, so sweet! He also allocated a green planet for himself.

Session 3. Video Learning

You will learn about “8 Planets of the Solar System” in this video.


Finally, this is the song about the 8 planets in our solar system. Please sing along and enjoy.


Session 4. Others


Today is second day of home schooling.

Kin’s classmates had increased fr 2 to 7. He divided them into 3 classes – 1K, 2S n 3B. I elected Kin as monitor as he had met 3 criteria :-

  • Responsible (hope he knows that he is lack of this)
  • Helpful
  • Kind

He was really excited about this and acted more mature and organised.