T-shirt Stenciling  


*Get individual photos fr the hard disk

Inspired sdiao to try out stenciling today before returning the acrylic paint to Genioart tonight. 

We traced the robot stencils on a card board; cut out the inner pattern; placed it on a recycle T-shirt n then paint it with acrylic paint. It didn’t look as smooth as I expected. I think colouring directly on the t-shirt might have better result. 

I then asked sdiao what name he wants to paint on the t-shirt, he chose “David Luiz” with number “10”. I wrote the name on a card board. Diao spotted it and wrote “Neymar Jr.” on another card board. He then requested me to iron the words on the card board onto the t-shirt. I showed him how we do stenciling on the t-shirt and he finally understand it. 

Diao made acrylic paint by mixing the water colour with the white glue. He then joined sdiao to colour the name. He even wrote the number “10” for sdiao. Encouraged sdiao to wear the t-shirt to futsal. Sdiao sweated n caused the colour to run out from the t-shirt. Soaked the shirt into cold water the following day but the colours still faded off:-

– Diao mixed too little white glue in the water colour? 

– Diao used the old poster colour? 

– Sdiao’s sweat break the colour structure?

The t-shirt painted with acrylic paint didn’t experience any colour fading. 


Started making acrylic paint by mixing white glue n water colour. Sdiao joined me immediately and started to colour his T-shirt. Gave sdiao a smaller paint brush so he could colour neater. 
Sdiao told me he learned fr mistake where he dipped less paint with his brush so the colours stayed within the alphabets. 

Watched some video clips on how to make acrylic colours. Diao joined us and decided to make acrylic water spray after I gave him green light. He asked sdiao what colour he wants to choose – gold or silver. Sdiao chose “gold”. Diao put the dark blue instead of white blue. The outcome looked more like dark green instead of gold. To make thing worse, the spray bottle didn’t work well when we tried to spray the colour on the art block. 
I then made another round of experiment and it turned out similar to gold. Sdiao sprinkled some gold glitter on it which make it look just like gold colour. Diao then asked to mix the glitter into the paint n I granted his wish. The glitter was not seen as it was buried in the colour. 

Diao just dumped everything on the mini table after he painted. Divided the cleaning tasks and let diao chose the easiest task despite that sdiao had chosen it first. Sdiao threw tantrum n I promised to cover up his part provided he help me to stick up the glitter on the floor. Diao oso acted cranky when he spotted me doing sdiao’s part. This was in fact a lose-lose situation for everyone.