A Visit to Library


PPAS Library @ Shah Alam


If your children bury themselves into books once they step into the library, congratulations! But don’t worry if yours don’t (just like mine), this library is very kids-friendly and your kids can wonder around as long as they don’t scream on top of their voice. Plus, there are plenty of activities to keep your children occupied.

MonkeySons didn’t read at all during the 2 hours in the library. In fact, they were wondering around. I didn’t force them to read, neither convince them to as I believe they will read on other times.

I found many non-fiction books while both MonkeySons claimed their weekly digital gaming time via the library desktop computer. First time MonkeySons learned to play game using the keyboard. Both of them exceeded their gaming time (40 mins) as they played till the 1-hr rental time finished (RM1 per hour).
Hin wanted to borrow the carom board game but there was only one set which was occupied. RhinoDad helped them to ask for congkak board game but the staff collected it before they could start. I learned from the staff that there is time allocation for the board game. The library also organise art & craft session on weekends.

I chose up to 20 books to rent out (maximum 10 books per child) but only 19 books were taken home as one of the book was the reference book which can’t be lent out.
The process of becoming the member was super duper easy – paperless and photoless.

Kin wants to borrow “Diary of the Wimpy Kid” but We couldn’t find it despite that the library system stated that there is available stock in the Junior Fiction. RhinoDad managed to find a copy of it during other visit.

We went to the cafe for tea after borrowing books.
There were stalls selling chicken rice, fried noddles and etc. but most of the stalls were closing by evening. The coffee ice tasted good but please ask for “kurang manis” (less sweet).

Told MonkeySons that they could spend the day in the library on their own when they are teens. I would give them RM10 each for lunch. Hin said he would spend all the money to play 10 hours computer game. On the other hand, Kin refused to join his brother as he wants to stick to HippoMom.


When we reached home, Kin helped to arrange all the books. Many parents would be interested to know the varieties of books and the quality of books we borrowed. Well, you can check it out from the pic above.

I read a novel of “Geronimo Mouse” to Kin while Hin read up few other books. I did the right thing of not pushing them to read in the library as I believe that they would read it once they are ready.

3 weeks later, we drove to PPAS library to return books. Alternatively, you can call to the library (03-55197667, Ext. 1011) to extend the return date at most 7 days (from the date you call). I renewed the return date several times and was always greeted by friendly staffs. Anyhow, I failed to reach the library staff on one good Sunday. Thus, I emailed to bookrenewal.ppas@gmail.com, followed by a phone call the following day and it was successfully renewed. Else, I would be charged RM0.50 per book per day (RM10 for a total of 20 books).

Also bearing in mind that you couldn’t extend the return date if the day you call is the final return date. 



Both MonkeySons were wondering around & making new friends when I was stunned with tons of reference books. They were playing hide-and-seek with their new friends. One of their new friend was French, amazed of how fast kids make new friends.

Brought MonkeySons to take a look at the 3D cinema. There are 2 sessions of 3D movie daily – 10.30 am n 2.30 pm. It cost RM 7 per pax. Hin was more interested at the 6D motion cinema but it required min 140 cm height.


Found the isolated gym on my way to toilet.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring your kids to the library, like a half day trip. It is ok even if you don’t borrow any book, just let your kids run around, when they are tired, sit down, grab a book and read to them…