Setting up Home Library

Day 1

This morning, Kin suddenly told me that he wants to setup a library on the upper level bed. He then started to take the books fr his closet and arranged them on the upper level bed incl. top of the closet. I thought he was just playing for fun for one single day, but he was rather serious about setting up the library. He even gave a name to his library and a contact number:-

Name: USK Library

Tel: 0322783

After bfast, Kin asked for stickers to label the books in his library – OSK n REF:-

  • OSK – Book which can be lent
  • REF – Book which can’t be lent

Kin learned this labeling from MPSJ Library @ Puchong. 

I just hoped that I could remove the stickers from the books later on.

Kin then made the first library card for me. I taught him to use 2 pieces of card boards to stick on an old magnetic card.
Kin referred to his MPSJ library card as the reference. He asked me to help him to add bar code at the back of the card. 

Kin made a gold library card for pooh bear.

Pretended reading in the home library.
Felt bored n text quietly. Suddenly Kin asked me to help him to write on the stickers. He hired me as his junior staff.

Later in noon, we went up to home library as pooh bear wanted to borrow books.
I took 2 new story books bought fr BBB n donated them to home library. Read one of the book to Kin in the library.

Day 2

Bought a date stamp for Kin to learn about month [Fun n Cheer, RM4.50].

Both MonkeySons setup their library despite that it was late at night. They used the new date stamp to stamp the book’s date. Diao also drew a fake computer on a recycle box which functioned as the scan machine.

The library is now in full operation. RhinoDad was their third member after me and pooh bear. 


Clicked here to learn how to make a books display rack. 
Sdiao hired pooh bear as his USK Library’s CEO whereas loveys and I as the artist. I needed to go through an assessment before hiring me. 

Sdiao then appointed his CEO to conduct a training for new staff like me. CEO briefed me on my job scope. When I asked the CEO whether I can bring my assignment home, CEO gave me a prefect answer. He said I may bring the assignment home but I might have to erase alot of my drawing as no one guide me and give me advice. If I work in the office, the boss (sdiao) can correct me on the spot. What a rational explanation! 

Thus, I was hired to work 1 hr in the library in the morning and 1 hr in the office at night. 

Realised that my personal time was shrink ever since I started working for sdiao.