Camping Preparation

After quick lunch, got ready to meet MonkeySons’ art centre founder, Mr. Tan @ Evergreen Outdoor Equipment.
Initially I was thinking to join Mr. Tan’s one day camping but was really tempted to join the 2D1N camping when Mr. Tan mentioned that there will be catching fishes at night with the headlamp.

So decided to check out the tent before making final decision with RhinoDad.

Arrived Evergreen within 30 mins with smooth traffic.

Mr. Tan arrived shortly with his staff.

There were only few samples tents with available stocks. Both Didi n I liked the 6-Men tent (RM230) with spacious space n additional window for better ventilation.

Why 6-Men tent when there are only 4 of us? Mr. Tan shared with us that the 4-Men camp is in fact meant for 4 sleeping bags where everyone must be squeezed tightly. So being a kiasu HippoMom, a 6-Men tent is more comfortable. Another tip of choosing the tent is to get a high-ceiling tent where the adult can stand in the tent to do some changing in the tent.

Also learned other equipments such as foam mat (to top up the sleeping bag thickness, RM12) and water bag (to store water, RM11).

Also met another daddy n mummy. The mummy just camped @ Sg. Pao, Cameron Highland recently. She shared with me the cooking tips during camping.

At night, we went to Tesco to check out the tent. RhinoDad was abit shocked knowing that I planned to stay overnight. When he suggested to join only the day trip, Didi rejected him immediately n voted for 2D1N.
Didi was very cooperative n participative in choosing the camping items.

RhinoDad chose a 6-men tent (RM122), it has no window but a bigger door. RhinoDad said we only camp once anyway.

We then found a portable gas stove (Panasonic, RM49).


We also chose our favourite hotcup. When I asked RhinoDad what to cook for the other meal, Didi suggested “One meal bread, one meal hot cup”, very good idea!

RhinoDad went to look for beers for the camping. He thought we are going for honeymoon.

Otw back home, RhinoDad suggested to tapao KFC to the camp, I thought Didi would love the idea but he gave a long lecture to RhinoDad.  He said we goto camping to experience cooking, what’s the point if we are still eating what we normally eat during the day. RhinoDad was speechless n I was laughing out loud while nodding my head.

Bought headlamps, paper plates n paper cups from Mr. DIY. Asked Didi to choose the paper cups he liked but he chose the plain colour as he said “Why we need special pattern. We are going to camping.”

Both MonkeySons filled up the batteries into their headlamps n lighted up the headlamps. Gorgor wanted to cycle outside in order to test out the headlamp. Didn’t agree initially but then let them cycled for 20 mins. They were so happy cycling with their headlamps.


RhinoDad tested the portable gas stove n it worked perfectly. The only problem is to get a pot to boil water.

Found a pretty handy n cheap mini pot from AeonBig (RM29.90), better quality than “Eagle” brand.

Gorgor learned to boil water by using the aluminum pot I bought fr Aeon Big. He successfully light up the fire n boiled the water on his own.


Used the aluminum foil to wrap the cork board that I bought fr Daiso previously to transform it into a stove base. I then placed the stove base on a plastic box to make it a mini cooking setup. The setup completed with a mini stool. Brilliant idea!


I started packing for the camping tomorrow. It was alot of works for the 2D1N camping. Now I find packing luggage for hotel staying is easy-pitsy.

RhinoDad was shocked looking at the luggage. He said he wondered how other family’s luggage looked like. Perhaps he was hinting that I had overpacked.

Finished packing by 1 am. Super duper tired. Pretty nervous about our first family camping trip tomorrow.

Crucial stuffs for camping:-


DIY hanging rope with clips – to hang the wet swim wears and wet towels.

Camping Rules:-

  1. Strictly no IT GEDGET, both parents and children
  2. Obey the camp leader