Insects: Bees

Chapter 11: Bees

Session 1. Book Exploring – Bugs Dictionary


Studied about “Bees” and the difference in between hornet, yellow jacket and wasp.

IMG_1161 IMG_1162

Found 2 short video clips about it.

Giant Hornet VS Yellow Hornet


Learn to recognize the difference between yellow jackets, wasps and other similar looking insects. Read more at



Continued to read “Insects Homes” book. Sdiao asked an interesting question:-

– If queen bee is dead, how to elect the new queen since all other bees were not the same size as her? 

Session 2: Bees Observation

Session 3: Bees Movie

Kin was pretty curious about how human collect the honey fr the bees. Suddenly thought of downloading the Bee’s Movie for him to learn more about bees.