Insects: Mantis

Chapter 10: Mantis

Session 1. Book Exploring – Bugs Dictionary



Session 2: Mantis Observation



Spotted a praying mantis on our dining table in a local Thai Restaurant at Bukit Genting, Penang. . Kin insisted to keep it n RhynoDad used his lego box to catch it. I helped to search goggle to see what he eats. Apparently praying mantis only eats live insects as they are predator.


Noticed that mantis built a hard “nest” on top of the aquarium cover.

Fed mantis 2 grasshoppers we caught from Raub yday n he finished both within minutes.





Both helped mantis to move to new home – aquarium with soil and baby plants. Too bad the plants died on the following day.

Admiring mantis’s new home. It saved up our effort of cleaning up mantis’s poo poo every alternate day.





MonkeySons n RhinoDad caught some insects for mantis today incl a moth, a grasshopper n 2 bettles. Lucikly I moved mantis out fr the workshop tent yday. Today Kin sprayed some water for mantis to drink. Mantis built another “house” on the transparent cover after Hin demolished his previous “home”.


The stinky bug released some kind of stinky scent when mantis caught it. We couldn’t stand it and place mantis’s container outside. Mantis walloped the entire stinky bug within half an hour.


Fed mantis the house spider but he refused to eat.


Mantis was not fed for 4 days. Diaos couldn’t find a single grasshopper. When we fed him spider, he didn’t eat. What a picky eater!


Hin spotted a rare pink grasshopper in playground. Kin shouted excitedly as he thought it was orchid mantis. Took a plastic bag fr the car n helped Hin to catch it. Drove back home to transfer it to the container.

Let mantis eat the rare pink grasshopper as we had no idea what it eats.


Hin found n caught a baby mantis when RhinoDad was fixing the auto gate net.Kin insisted to keep it. I got confused whenever Kin said “mantis”. Asked him to give the baby mantis a name. He wanted to call him “Remmy” but I said it was meant for rhino beettle. Hin said, “call him abuten”, Kin loved the idea. What a silly name!


The baby mantis eaten the fly given yday.

Session 2. Video Learning

Watched the different species of praying mantis compilation!
* There was a mistake in the video: 1.02 and 1.19 are actually a leaf insect!