HS Break: Day 2



Kin didn’t ask me what to learn today as he knows today is his hs break. He played the lego figurines lent by his brother for almost an hour. He then requested me to read him the¬†first novel – The Wimpy Kid (Rodrick’s Rule). I started reading him this 127 pages novel since last week and managed to finish the remaining pages within the hs break today.


After being inspired by the book, Kin drew his own version of the book’s cover which was entitled “Diary of the Wimpy Kin – Kin and Hin Fight”.

Do take note that the mummy/daddy can’t do their own chores during this hs break. The best and the least you can do is to be with your child and just watch what he/she is doing. If he/she has a request like reading him/her a book, just grant their request.

Another relaxing and peaceful homeschooling day.