HS Break: Day 1


First day of HS (Homeschooling) Break as requested by my only student, Kin. Yes! You didn’t hear wrongly. It is an extra break time besides the public school holidays break. Why? Because my student asked for it. During the finishing part of our last topic, Kin suddenly mentioned that he would like for a break as he feels bored. Bored?! His elder brother who is studying in public school would have strangle him if he hear it.

Let me assure you that no matter how interesting your homeschooling lesson is, your child will be bored with it someday, why not grant them a break? Am I nut? How long should the break is? What if my child doesn’t want to continue homeschooling ever since then? Trust me, if they will get bored with homeschooling lessons, they will get bored without it too, it might be sooner than you expected. As for my boy, Kin, his first break lasted for a week.

This morning, when Kin woke up and asked me what we are going to learn today, I reminded him that today is the hs break as requested by him. He gave me a “Mmm…I see” look and started to play with his lego bricks. So, for the rest of the 2 hrs homeschooling time, I accompanied him to segregate his brother’s lego bricks into a box with compartments. Kin was taking charge and told me which lego brick goes into which compartment. He even explained the tiniest difference between lego bricks to a Lego-Dumb like me.

We had a relax and pleasant hs break.