Insects Expedition

Our first insect expedition destination is Town Park, Puchong.

The weather was super good without the hot sun.

We caught some insects such as:-

  • 2 Damselflies (1 blue and 1 red). Initially we thought they were dragonflies but we found their pictures in the Insect Dictionary
  • 1 butterfly (white)
  • 2 Leaves cutter ants / fire ants (red). One died as RyhnoDad hurt his inner body when he placed it into the cage. The other one escaped from the cage.
  • Wood ants (red and black body)? It gave RhynoDad a stingy bite when he was trying to release it into our garden. It made his pointer finger numb and pain
  • 1 Leave hopper or grasshopper (black)? It died the next day

Hin insisted to let go of the damselflies and butterfly into our house with the door shut. We then couldn’t find both the damseflies n the butterfly.