Insects: Ladybird

Chapter 9: Ladybird

Session 1. Book Exploring 



Noticed the difference between electra and wings of ladybird when we learned how ladybird fly. We also studied the legend of ladybird as how it obtains the name “ladybird”. Kin asked how to differentiate a male n female ladybird.

Session 2: Ladybird Observation

Kin wanted to be an “Insect Detective” when he grown up. I asked him what insect he wants to study, he chose ladybird. He said he wants to catch a yellow ladybird for me. RhynoDad caught a yellow ladybird from our mulberry tree previously and showed it to him. Watched some video clips on ladybirds facts.


Kin requested to goto our garden to catch ladybird. I accompanied him to the garden but couldn’t find a single insect.



Hin & Kin were busy setting up new home for the ladybird which RyhnoPa caught in the durian orchard @ Raub.



Inspired Kin to colour the ladybird based on the real one.