Insects: Beetles

Chapter 8: Beetles

Session 1. Book Exploring – Bugs Dictionary



Session 2: Black Beetles Observation


After woke up, Kin went down to check his pet beetles.
Kin dared to touch, hold n laid the beetles on his hand. The 2 beetles got “heartache” and kept their legs without a single move. We then learned from the book that beetles like to “pretend dead” in order to protect themselves from their predators.

We tried to find out whether our beetle can fly. Watched a Youtube on a flying beetle but the species is ryhno beetle.


Kin liked his pet beetle very much. He asked me can beetle crawl up the wall. Before I could answer, he said that he would do the experiment on his own.
Some of the insects died this morning incl the assassin bug and the wasp/bee caught yday.


Kin loved to hold the beetle on his hand. Anyhow, the beetle turned upside down n pretend dead. Hin got fooled n announced that the beetle was dead. I told him to observe longer instead of commenting. On the other hand, the bee which Kin caught yesterday was dying but Kin insisted that it was pretend dead.



Beetles grouped and cling to the rose petals.


Kin saw a golden beettle at the auto gate and caught it with bare hands. The beetles family had become 7 instead of 6.


Both brothers took all beetles out of the box and placed them on the mini snooker table. The beetles had some difficulties crawling on the furry surface.

Both brothers moved the beetles to the new home – orange aquarium with soil. All of them digged n hid in the soil except the golden beettle.


Both brothers scooped out the 6 beetles n placed them on the mini table. Kin named one of the beetles – Jason.

Session 2: Rhino Beetles Observation



RhinoDad saw a rhino bettle outside of hotel and helped Kin to keep it in a container. I could hear Kin shouted excitedly fr the lobby.

RhinoDad took a slice of papaya fr our hotel room balcony and fed to the rhino bettle. He looked so hungry n kept eating the papaya.

Learned about rhino bettle fr the net. Male bettle is a strong flyer with horns. So we were pretty sure that we got a male rhino but anyhow this beetle can’t fly.


MonkeySons helped rhino beetle to take shower. I felt worried as I am not sure whether rhino beetle can be placed in water. Suggested MonkeySons to bring the rhino beetle for sun bath in order to dry up its body. Hin brought the rhino beetle to the back yard n enjoyed holding it with their hand. I purposely acted scared when Kin placed the rhino beetle in my palm.

Bought jelly for the rhino bettle but he didn’t eat it.


We have a pet Mantis who is called BEM – “Big Eat Mantis” as he always wallop whatever we feed him. Then I suggested the mantis to be called “BEMMY” which sounds cuter. Rhino beetle is then called REMMY as “R” referred to “Rhino”.

Kin took Remmy out of its container despite that it just woke up. While Kin was playing with it, suddenly it fell off fr Kin’s hand n landed on the floor. Lucikly Remmy resumed crawling on the floor.

Put a lego brick on Remmy’s horn. It was able to walk while lifting up the lego.
Watched video clips on “How rhino bettle lift thing up”.

Kin wanted to play board game after the hs class. He chose “Catch Me If You Can” and introduced some new rules:-
– Each time if the player land on certain spot, we can stroke Remmy and Remmy would “fly” us to the next landing spot

– Each time our ghost got kicked out, Remmy would then choose a new ghost for us

– Remmy oso helped carry our player on his horn

The board game became more fun with Remmy’s involvement.


Remmy didn’t move since this morning. Assumed that it was dead. Kept thinking of it during bedtime, chanted for it and dreamed of it.


Told RhinoDad to bring Kin to bury Remmy in our garden as he might be dead. Kin said, “Remmy is not dead. We just let go of him”. Kin insisted me to go along. RhinoDad was mainly watching while instructing Kin on what to do.
Kin placed Remmy in our garden. We didn’t bury him as Kin said he wants to let Remmy go. I helped Kin to wash the container afterwards.

Why the rhino bettle is dead?

  • Took shower?
  • Direct sunshine?
  • Fell of fr high spot and caused internal bleeding?
  • Over-eaten papaya?

Kin was pretty upset as he said he missed Remmy.


Found Remmy at the same spot where sdiao dumped him last night. A fly was flying around him. Kin told me that Remmy was dead.


Went to Putra Perdana Park @ Putrajaya. Kin called it the “weaver ants park” as we found the weaver ants the first time we went.
When Kin tried to catch the weaver ants today, we found none. Caught 12 black beetles instead.

Hin recorded a video clip when he was transferring the 12 beetles into their new home – green aquarium. I burst into laughter when Hin poured all the beetles into the new container at one shot.

 Session 4: Other Beetles Observation



Found this bug at Penang Hill.